George R. Knight

Known for their provocative approach, George Knight’s books have a wide readership around the world. Adventist Authority Wars, Ordination, and the Roman Catholic Temptation, following his usual style, raises denominational issues that many would like to keep buried. He not only raises the issues, he also points to possible solutions. Here are a few issues addressed in the book: Why did the earliest Adventists fear organized denominations? Why did the General Conference not want union conferences? Where did the Roman Catholic Church begin to go wrong? In what ways is Adventism in danger of following the same path? What is the fuss if pastoral ordination is not even a biblical topic? How have some sincere Adventists inadvertently demonstrated that Ellen White is a false prophet? What interpretive breakthrough allowed James and Ellen White to move beyond explicit Bible teaching on organizational issues? George R. Knight is a retired professor of Church History at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, where he taught for 30 years. Prior to that he served the church as a pastor, elementary and secondary teacher, and school administrator. Dr. Knight has written and edited nearly 100 books in such fields as Adventist history, Ellen White […]

Bill Johnsson

Scholar, teacher, author, editor—William G. Johnsson has been an extraordinary voice for Seventh-day Adventists for more than 50 years. In Where Are We Headed? Dr. Johnsson continues to exhibit the thoughtful and Christ-like demeanor that has been the hallmark of his life in service to the church, documented through hundreds of editorials and articles and more than 20 books. In ten thoughtful and provocative chapters he turns his perceptive gaze to the opportunities and challenges that face the church at this time. This is a book about the issues facing Adventism that is personal, candid, and ultimately hopeful. Sections in Where Are We Headed include: Tipping Point Women’s Ordination The Chosen: Exclusive or Inclusive? Waiting for Jesus: The When or the Who? The Message: Will We Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing? Organization: Thinking the Unthinkable Adventists and Creation: Jubilation or Confrontation? Mission: Beyond Counting Heads   Interpreting Scripture: Will Ellen Have the Last Word? The Promise of Adventism Unity—Top Down or Bottom Up? Dr. Johnsson is perhaps best known to Adventist readers as the editor of the Adventist Review, a post he held from 1982-2006. He remains a keen observer of the circumstances and events shaping the church, and […]