In All Humility: Saying No to Last Generation Theology

The proponents of Last Generation Theology are convinced that just before the end of this world there will be a last generation that has gained a complete victory over sin. This is when probation has closed and Christ has finished His work in His heavenly sanctuary. Those who are part of this last generation and have become perfect will now be able to live without a Mediator as they wait for the moment they will be changed “in the twinkling of an eye” (1 Corinthians 15:52) and will be taken by their Lord in their new, immortal bodies into their eternal heavenly abode. This has some very important implications. How can human beings ever reach a state of perfect sinlessness? Believers in Last Generation Theology say this is possible. They point to Christ. He came to this world as one who was like us and, in spite of His humanness, was able to resist all sin. The kind of human nature He took upon Himself, we are told, was exactly like that of Adam after he had fallen into sin. And so, if Christ was in all respects like us, and could be sinless, it must also be possible for human beings to reach the state of sinlessness.

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