Mission to Black America: The true story of James Edson White and the riverboat Morning Star

Ron Graybill’s Mission to Black America remains as singular and significant an achievement as it was when first published nearly 50 years ago. It is a page-turner, accessible to readers across the spectrum of age groups and educational levels, and grounded in historical research of the highest caliber. That’s singular! It is also an honest account that inspires, not because its characters are flawless but because of their bold persistence in seeking to heal injustices along racial and economic lines, even though doing so provoked reprisals from powerful interests. The first edition of Mission to Black America in 1971 helped prod and guide a church grappling with a civil rights revolution that had left it behind. Re-readers and new readers today will find in this new edition as much or more significance for current issues, along with the joy of an exciting, meaningful story. —Douglas Morgan, PhD, professor of History & Political Studies, Washington Adventist University