Simple Gifts

William G. Johnsson has written books on subjects of great theological complexity, using a structuralist and religio-historical approach to analyze the book of Hebrews, for instance.

This is not that kind of book.

He has written books examining the modern-day church, asking if it can survive fragmentation, differences, and division.

This isn’t that kind of book either.

This book is both simple, as befits it title, and profound.

Blending honesty, vulnerability, and spirituality, Elder Johnsson looks back on his long life and shares the big picture.  It’s the simple things—the things we too often overlook, the things we get too busy to see—that are important, extraordinary, unchanging. Using words to paint insights, reconnecting us with our five senses, telling thoughtful stories, and cracking himself up with some pretty bad jokes, he helps to once again see the beauty of simple gifts.

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