The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage: Issues in the conflict for control of the Ellen G. White publications 1930-1939

Gilbert Valentine is a recently retired Professor of Leadership and Administration at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. He has both taught and served in senior administration in Adventist higher education in Pakistan, England, Thailand and Australia as well as in his home country, New Zealand. He has written extensively in the area of Adventist History. His notable study of W. W. Prescott; Forgotten Giant of Adventism’s Second Generation (2005) explored the significant contributions and sometimes controversial actions of one of Adventism’s major scholar-administrators. This was followed by his ground breaking volume, The Prophet and the Presidents (2011) which examined the political influence that Ellen White’s letters had on various General Conference presidents. Recently he co-edited with Woody Whidden, a Festschrift for George Knight entitled Adventist Maverick (2014).